Set up your ecoisola

Chose dimension, kind of reclycling material, plug-in to create an ecoisola 3d model. Set it up and ask for more informations in few seconds.
Remember ecoisola are formed by slots.
Each slot is for a kind of in-put or for water machine. Be careful : water machine and pete(polyethylene terephthalate) need two slots. You can also select kind of in-put,plug in (accessories), transport, and kind of power supply. in the end you can see your ecoisola 3d model, rotate it and check it. Furthermore you can fill a form to ask more information on your created ecoisola.

3 Ecoisola types:

  • Oneside 1100 - with a single input side. It is possible to use just one slot on a maximum of 5;
  • Oneside 360 - it is similar to oneside 1100 but has got smaller slots. an ideall solution for smaller spaces as an old town centre. Is not possible to put in a water machine. it is possbile use just one slot on a maximu of 5;
  • Bothside - the slots can be used in both of sides. It is possible to use 2 slots minimun and 8 maximum (4 per side).


Kind of waste



Power Supply


Ask for an Estimate

Fill in the form to ask an estimate about your ecoisola